Ways out of the crisis

Posted on March 14, 2012


General Strike in Greece 2010 by Guy Smallman

End of this week I will be going to Greece, to report on the crisis and particularly look at inventive and constructive ways in which Greek people deal with it.

Ways out of the crisis – The people’s response

  • Several work places in Greece have been occupied and are now run by workers. Amongst them a hospital, steel factory, news paper, and – of course – universities.
  • When extra taxes were imposed, not through the normal channels, but by adding costs to the electricity bills, impossible to pay for most households, workers refused to implement this supplement.
  • While farmers don’t get a whole lot for their potatoes, in the shops they are rather expensive. In response, sales have plummeted. When  farmers couldn’t sell their produce, and decided to give it away rather than have it go to waste, it was the start of the potato movement: Farmers and consumers are in direct contact on the internet and bypass traditional allocation structures, increasing the profit for farmers and lowering the prices for consumers.

We will also look at the situation of immigrants in Greece, many of whom are left without basic support like housing, food medical care.

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