2 weeks to go: Review, blog, link…

Posted on April 7, 2013


Into the Fire says thank you and calls for blogs and reviews:

We would like to use this opportunity to give a big shout out to all our translators: Thank you! The response has been overwhelming and we will be able to publish the film in eight different languages. You can still volunteer to help translating.

Another big thank you to everyone who has been helping us get word out by retweeting, sharing, liking and linking! There’s one more thing you can do: We have published a press pack which includes all relevant information about the film and the trailer will be released this week. Take this opportunity to blog about us and let your friends know how to embed the film on 21st April. Feel free to use our posters and the images provided on the media page or already published clips from the film. A preview of the film is available for reviews upon request.

When you link to us on social media and blog posts, it really helps get word out. First of all, your friends hear about this film. That’s the most important thing for us. But there is more: Each time someone links to us, Google and other search engines notice. And because other people link to us, they make it easier to find us. When someone searches for relevant terms, our posts move up in the results because of your links. So by sharing and linking you’re not only telling your friends, but also everyone who is interested in the issue.

Into the Fire has a crowdfunded distribution strategy: The film will be released on various websites and blogs simultaneously. Find out how to participate.

Update (08.04.13): Freequency Radio have translated and published a Greek version of the press pack.

Into the Fire

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