Perpetrator of series of racist attacks with knife got arrested

Posted on April 11, 2013


Greek police’s special branch for dealing with racist violence makes first arrest.

I can't relax in Greece

[The first –  and only – arrest for racist attacks by Greek Police’s special office for Racial Violence]

The freshly established Services for the Confrontation of Racial Violence of the Security department of Attica Police solved the case of a barrage of bloody attacks with knives against Pakistani immigrants. The attacks took place ​​last September in Metamorfosi, Likovrisi and Iraklio, Attica.

The investigation carried out by the Services for the Confrontation of Racial Violence of Attica and the office of the Security Subdivision of Northeast Attica led to an arrest of a member of a racist group, after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The group had stabbed four Pakistanis and one Greek, and had beaten other immigrants during ‘campaigns’ they were carrying out with the aim of ‘cleansing’ the area of foreigners.


The arrested is a 20 year old man. He participated in the attacks and was accused…

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